Clock Restoration Services – Precision On Every Detail

IMPORTANT: We are presently closed for new projects pending relocation of our shop. We anticipate accepting new projects after April 1, 2016. Please see our post accessible from our home page. PLEASE DO NOT SHIP ANY CLOCKS TO OUR TEXAS LOCATION. If you do, we cannot assure they will be forwarded to us.

Ken’s Clock Clinic is the #1 choice when it comes to your clock restoration needs. Our services include restoration of vintage American and European wall clocks, mantle clocks, cuckoo clocks, electric clocks, self winding clocks, and others. We rebuild movements, restore wood or metal cases, touch up dials, or perform a complete clock restoration. All movement restorations are backed by a two-year warranty.

We service antique 8-day American clocks such as Ingraham, Gilbert, Lux, Sessions, New Haven, Seth Thomas, Herschede, Waterbury, and many others. We service Vienna Regulators, English bracket clocks, Self Winding clocks, highly collectible alarm clocks, and vintage electric clocks.

bigben restored

Fully Restored 1919 Big Ben Alarm

Telechron, Revere, New Haven, Hammond, Sessions Electric Clocks.

We fully restore original electric clock movements such as Telechron, Revere, GE, Hammond, Sessions, Seth Thomas and others. We can rewind coils, fabricate replacement fiber wheels, and completely rebuild and restore Telechron rotors as part of the clock restoration. We NEVER replace movements with quartz or others, and we never take short cuts with rotor restorations. We may be the only service left on the planet that can fully restore a Sessions electric chime clock! That’s because almost 100% of them require new coils–which we can wind.

We have been asked if we service vintage New Haven clocks. The answer is a resounding yes! These are very rewarding clocks to restore (and are among our favorites), as many case styles were unique and fashionable in their time. Also, New Haven engineered many very clever features into their movements. These are often overlooked because the small size and stacked plates sometimes leave the perception of complexity, which scares some away. We can restore both electric as well as keywound (Style 380) triple plate chime or strike movements. We can fabricate replacement parts for these movements, and often this is necessary for a proper and thorough job.

Although we do restore Telechron and Hammond rotors for our own clock restorations, we do NOT offer a rotor-only restoration service. If you are looking for an excellent Telechron rotor-only replacement or restoration service, we are pleased to recommend for courteous, conscientious and economical service. Dave will disassemble, clean, rebush and replace worn parts (B rotors), lubricate then reassemble. He stands behind his work with a good warranty.

Electric Clock Coil Winding.

While some stock of standard Telechron coils exists, we can provide coil winding services for unusual electric clocks such as Windsor, New Haven, Telechron NuTone, Sessions chime clocks, and others. The movement is needed for this rewinding service since we must design and produce a custom winding bobbin for each movement.

Our Facility

We are equipped with precision machining tools, electronics assembly equipment, and a sophisticated plating area designed especially for small components. We perform all restorations, case refinishing, and final system assembly in-house to ensure the highest quality finished product. We design our own replacement components, accessories, No. 6 kits, winders, and closely monitor supplier quality for replacement parts, dials, etc. All products are proudly Made in USA.


Pricing is commensurate with the amount of disassembly, restoration, and re-assembly required. However, we have a reputation for the highest quality work available yet reasonable rates. We back our craftsmanship with a standard 2 year warranty. Our extended warranty covers materials and workmanship for 5 years and includes one maintenance oiling during that period.

If you are considering restoration of low cost alarm clocks, please first consider our alarm clock forward. To arrange a quote after reading the Forward, please contact us. Minimum restoration charge for collectible alarm clocks (case and movement) is $300.